We have a selection of rooms available for hire:

Room costs and information

Theatre Style Board Room Style Cabaret Style Commercial/Private Rate per hour Community/Charity/Tenants Rate per hour
Mary Barbour Conference Suite (Rear) 30 capacity 20 capacity N/A £20 £15
Mary Barbour Conference Suite (Stage End) 30 capacity 20 capacity N/A £20 £15
Mary Barbour Conference Suite 80 capacity 30 capacity 60 capacity £30 £20
Billiard Room 70 capacity 30 capacity 60 capacity £20 £15
McLeod Hall & Vestibule 200 capacity N/A 180 capacity £50 £30
McLeod Hall only 200 capacity n/a 180 capacity £35 25
McLeod Vestibule only 30 capacity 30 capacity N/A £15 £10
Sir Alex Ferguson Board Room 20 capacity 15 capacity N/A £20 £15

AV Prices Price
Laptop £5
Data Projector (Mary Barbour) £5
Microphone (Wireless) £5
Portable Projector & Screen £5
Flip Chart and Stand £5
Hot water Urn £5
Sound System £5
Lectern with microphone £5

Catering Arrangements: The PI can provide Tea/Coffee & Biscuits at £2 per head.

Notes: All rates quoted are within PI’s core hours of  9am – 9.30pm Monday to Thursday, 9am-6pm Friday &  Saturday 9am – 5pm .

Out of hours surcharge of £100 will apply.  Charges for packages (i.e. Weddings, Socials, Concerts, Filming & Special Events) will be agreed on application.  In some circumstances, depending on the nature of the let, it may be necessary to apply additional staffing charges.  Certain events will be allowed 30 minute setup/takedown time (i.e. DJ, Band, Decoration, Sound Check etc.) – any other setup/takedown time must be agreed by management prior to the event and may incur additional charges.

Prices from August 26th 2018.

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