The Landis Museum


 The Landis Museum

 20 April – 07 May 2018

Open daily 12 – 5pm


Bianca Baldi

Irina Gheorghe

Alex Impey

Kapwani Kiwanga

Nina Liebenberg

Sarah Pierce

Alexandra Sukhareva


Devised by James N Hutchinson


The Landis Museum is a ‘museum of the encounter’ that contains works by seven international artists,

gathered because they share something in their mode of operation, their starting points, or the manner in

which they seek to be read.


The museum is based on the methodology of Mark Landis, a man who – in late 2010 – became the subject

of a number of international newspaper articles that characterised him as an art-world fraud, a forger

who’d been donating fake paintings and drawings to museums for nearly twenty-five years. But such a

characterisation is false, and it obscures what makes Landis’s work useful and interesting.


The exhibition consists of a number of objects, videos and actions that have been arranged on and around

a single display object, bringing then into physical and aesthetic contact with each other.


The Landis Museum is supported by Glasgow International and Culture Ireland.


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Glasgow, United Kingdom

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